In my new home.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun and Games

I am having sooooo much fun with this beautiful weather.  On top of the roof next door.  It's a little scary climbing down, but I do it.  Mum has calmed down about it.

She's feeding the birds again.  But I've been very good and have left them alone. 

She loves her tracker and I usually stay within the 500 feet.

Dad and Mum are not happy that I go across the alley (I think I've mentioned it before that the neighbor doesn't want us in the basil).  He even has Veitnamese basil.  She says it's dangerous when I run across the alley.  I am fast and can get away from the cars.

He has adopted 2 homeless girls from Ethiopa.  When Mum mentioned that country was called Abyssina, the nodded yes. Of course that it where my ancestors are from. 

I watched the raccoons tonight.  These 3 are quite tame.  They don't hurt me.  But they eat lots of catfood.
Mum moved all foods but canned, etc. foods high up in closed cabinets.  They tried to eat her special ginseng and ginger candys.

I really love living here.  I still come in every once in awhile to see if she's still here.

She is all tied up working on her 50th class reunion.  My goodness she is as old as Methusilal (sp).

I slept all day.  Now I want to be outside and up all night.

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