In my new home.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Poppy's ?? injury

mysterious wound

April 7, 2014

Poppy came home hurt a week or so ago. We have no idea how he was hurt. It looked like something had taken a chunk out of his side. We don't think it was an animal. He must have scraped his side or caught on something.

May 18, 2014

It's sad but Hammond passed over the Rainbow Bridge May10. He was sooooo ill,but not in pain. He died peacefully at home and is buried under the cherry tree in front of the pet cemetery monument. He was still eating everything in sight the night before. At least he'll  not get any skinnier or have the terrible seizures. He would scream and growl during one. I've been told that he really wasn't in pain when he had them, but it sure sounded like he was. The first time he had one Mum thought he was chocking. She put her hand towards his mouth. He bit her finger all the way through.  She immediately took Amoxiccilin. It didn't get infected.

It was really for the best. He had extreme kidney disease. Mum sat with them much of the time he was dying. Sure thinks he was in a coma for a couple of hours.

Doc thinks he was close to 20 years old. When he first came here Mum found him ill and dirty sleeping in a mud puddle. He almost died from pneumonia several times, but Mum  would stay up all night nursing him back to health. He would often have psychogenic-alopecia. But he kept going.... When Doc talked to Mum he would ask if he was still alive.

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 17,2014

The weather has been quite nice the last few days. All of us have been outside off and on. Shaggy, being a Maine Coon, liked the snow. I guess it's because he has a super long coat and snow shoes. Mum says he won;t get his full size until he's 4 years old. His 6 inch whiskers and big paws means he'll have to grown a lot to get his body in proportion.

We are soooooooo worried about Hammond. He is just skin and bones (really). He has a pot belly and trouble walking.He eats constantly. He does not have worms. He tests neg for diabetes, HIV, anemia, and fel leuk. Dr Phil says he doesn't have cancer. He eats ALL the time. Doc says he has kidney infections and kidney disease. She gives him some special food but he eats any and every thing he wants. She gives him vitamins and antibiotics. He usually pees and poops on a special rug but also will go out in the garage to the cat box, or even outside when it's warm. The worst thing is he has seizures. The first one he had we all  thought he was choking. He wasn't crying out. Mum stuck her finger in his mouth. Mum was seriously bit to the finger bone. She then wrapped a towel over him. It stopped.

The next one was a few days later so Mum didn't put her finger in his mouth. He did scream out. She used a towel and it sopped. Then a few days later it happened again, but he was screaming. It didn't last long. The very worst was Tuesday. He screamed, ran out the cat door and kept convulsing and screaming. Many of us ran to see what was the matter. but we didn't get close. Mum tried the towel and the terror finally stopped. He's OK today.

Doc thinks it's connected to the kidney disease. Mum talked to someone last night who had a Corgi dog that was the same. The woman said the seizure doesn't have pain. It's involuntary. The seizure didn't kill her dog but the dog died of kidney failure.

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

I have been very derelict in writing. I can explain. Life here has been both extremely happy and extremely sad. I'll try to go month or so by month.

In the summer of 2012 Shaggy came to visit and then to stay. He is a Maine Coon. His whiskers are 6 inches long. He looks just like Rascal, the bookstore cat. He was still here in November. Victoria went ballistic because she said we had too many cats. She says what will she do if something happened to Mum and Dad. Dad said he'd take care of the situation and give the house to all of us cats and some money to take care of us. So Mum gave Shaggy to Dr. Orem's son who lives in an apartment in Pittsburgh. That was very late Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Mum put him in a cardboard carrier. On Sunday, Diana, her best friend, Dr. Orem's wife, said he sprayed the box in the car. Mum thought he was spayed and declawed because he had so much fur she couldn't see anything. She says now that his paws are called snowshoes. Anyway Doc neutered him and let him outside. Mum called Monday morning to check on him and he was missing, She was sooooo upset and even mad at our friend, Dr. Orem. She searched all over for him, put up posters, and went door to door. The vet lives over 2 mile from us in the country. She searched for him like she did for me when I was up the tree. She was in tears. On Wednesday morning he came home like Mum says "over the river and through the woods". They won't give him to anyone. He lives with us no matter what my human sister says. We can't give him to someone else because Mum says he has a rare homing instinct. Not  all cats and dogs have that asset. There have been stories and movies about some cats and dogs who traveled many miles and even years to return to their homes.

Mum's life became very sad from then on.

Mum's very best friend was Diana Orem. She talked to her or was with her every day for over 10 years.She became quite ill in 2009. She refused to go to the doctor because she thought it was the flu or gall bladder until the summer of 2010. By that time she did she was nearly dead. Liquid had closed one of her lungs and gallons of water was drained from her chest and stomach. The diagnosis was Hepatitis C, a disease that kills the liver and is caused by tainted blood.

I will continue this tomorrow. I promise! It's too late and I need to make Mum go to bed. She's not been well. The weather has her bi-polar condition out of control!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written. So much has happened in this house and with the cats and the human family.

I shall try to catch it all up. Not sure if I really filled everyone in with importance of Mum's trip to Destine, FL. Mum flew down to put her father's, mother's, their marvelous cat, Kiska's ashes in the Gulf of Mexico. That's what the wanted. (Mum's and Dad's kits, dogs, and other pets are buried in our garden. We even have a tombstone. Mum and Dad havn't been able to chisel all the names on the stone, but do keep records and will when they can. some of our neighbors and friends are buried there too. some of the family are buried across the street at the old house: Dagmar, Samantha, Zachariah be Ezra, Maya, Jonathan's ferret, Lasagna, Attila, and some other dear ones. All are missed.

Going back to the Gulf..... Uncle Steve, Aunt Becky, and Mum gave the ashes to the Sea, and the Sea gave them fish. And what fish!

I will continue later. The time changed here and I must put Mum to sleep

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mum says I HAVE to wear a collar.  She only likes some called "Beasties".  They are light and have a velcro clasp.  They're OK, but I look prettier without one,  She has to have  me tagged and licensed for town regs.  She can only have 5 cats, but we try to have 12 be in one place. But if we didn't they'd be dead. The regs require that that we must be under control.  She tells us every morning to not leave the yard.  HaHa!  I broke my collar but the woman who sells them was so nice to send me some more ASAP.

While in Texas at ny 50th high school reunion I got up on the neighbor's (he's a published author) garage roof.  Dad found me with the Loc8tor.  It took a day but I was so scared when the neighbor got on the roo that. I jumped the 18 foot .

Then I climbed up on the roof next door as I did before.  I WAS going to catch that squirle. Dad had to stack a bunch of things (a chair, a ladder and an old cat thingy for me to jump on for me to get down.) I really love being high.  I've been sleeping in Dad's top shelf in his closet because it's getting cold.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The lizard escaped in the house.  Kid you not.  I brought in a lizard as long as my collar and that wide.  It went into a corner and dissapered (sp).  We looked for it,but it WAS missing.  Quite a mystery!!  This was 2 days ago. I can smell him under rug and the wood trim, so I sit on lizard wath.  I KNOW IT'S THERE.   Today I pulled up thr corner of the carpet and found a hole.  Mum was quite angry, but thinks she can fix it.  It's a new carpet.  I still can' catch that lizard.

I am doing better staying around the house

Monday, July 2, 2012

That's me on my birthday.....

my birthday

Today is my 5th birthday.  Mum says I'm lucky to have survived this long, what with the tree, the roof, and now the attic.

The other night we had terrible storms.  These were part of the straight-line winds and thunderstorms that caused all the power outages in the east.  I got really scared and couldn't get home in time becaause I was exploring an abandoned house.  The neighbor had left the old garage door open, then he closed it and I was locked inside. The house was a mess with old furniture, wood, old doors lying around, and blocked-up windows, along with just plan trash, but what a place to explore.  I have been staying out side at night because it's been so warm.  But I always come in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to make sure Mum is there.  When I didn't come home for breakfast or lunch, Mum became frantic.  It was so hot--104 degrees. She took her little Loc8tor tracker gadget and walked the neighborhood.  When she was nearly bak home from being all over the place, the thing started beeping.  As she came closer to the old house, it was stronger until she knew I was in the house.  She went to get Dad.  He didn't believe her, but he tried all doors and was able to open the garage door enuf for Mom to crawl under.  She searched all over the downstairs.  She couldn't find me of course.  Dad was worried about her breaking the law and made her leave.  She called the police station to see if they knew who owned the trashy place.  Noone knew, but she persuaded the police to send someone down to help.  He came with a giant sized flashlight.  He opened the garage door and the went in.  The beeper was still going, but they couldn't  find me because I was so frightened I was hiding in a corner of thee attic.  Eventualy Dad climbed the set of stairs following the blinking beeping lights.  He couldn't see in the attic so the policeman shined his light and finally saw me crouched in the dark corner.  Mum came up and called me but I was frozen with and dehydrated from the heat, so the policeman moved the junk (old doors and boxes) and came in He scared me enuf that I ran out and got to my own garage.  Mum said I would have died if it weren't for the gadget and policeman.  They said I had heat stroke 'cause I began throwing up.

Monday, March 12, 2012

just stuff

Mum no longer cries so much about her father.  I never knew mine...

Old Man Cat has heale.  It is a miracle.

Fun and Games

I am having sooooo much fun with this beautiful weather.  On top of the roof next door.  It's a little scary climbing down, but I do it.  Mum has calmed down about it.

She's feeding the birds again.  But I've been very good and have left them alone. 

She loves her tracker and I usually stay within the 500 feet.

Dad and Mum are not happy that I go across the alley (I think I've mentioned it before that the neighbor doesn't want us in the basil).  He even has Veitnamese basil.  She says it's dangerous when I run across the alley.  I am fast and can get away from the cars.

He has adopted 2 homeless girls from Ethiopa.  When Mum mentioned that country was called Abyssina, the nodded yes. Of course that it where my ancestors are from. 

I watched the raccoons tonight.  These 3 are quite tame.  They don't hurt me.  But they eat lots of catfood.
Mum moved all foods but canned, etc. foods high up in closed cabinets.  They tried to eat her special ginseng and ginger candys.

I really love living here.  I still come in every once in awhile to see if she's still here.

She is all tied up working on her 50th class reunion.  My goodness she is as old as Methusilal (sp).

I slept all day.  Now I want to be outside and up all night.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tracking Device

Mum received a package yesterday from England.  It was for me I guess.  Mum put this little tag on my collar,  She has a small tracker.  She can find me if she wants to.  The closer she getsto me with her thingy it starts beeping until she's right next to me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mum just entered my tree story in a contest on a cat site about nine lives.  She thinks we'll win.

Mum's Dad is near death.  He is still alive after 10 days of no food or fluids.  If he had not had a stroke he thinks he would have lived 100 years.  He must be a strong person.  Mum says Samantha lived that long in human years. She has accepted that he is dying.

There are serious ear problems.  Bits ear  mites are gone as are Blackie's.  Old Man's ears hurt and we think Little Cat has mites.  Mum says she's never had this problem in 60 years of cats.

Old man Black (we don't know how old he is, but he's missing teeth.  He was dropped here a year or so ago.  He was declawed.   Mum says that could have led to his death  by dogs.  We don't know how but he anded with an abbsess  the size of a baseball.  Phil had to even cut out gangreen tissue.  He said it had almost gone thru his lungs to the other side.  See photo.  It  was worse than shown.

Monday, January 9, 2012

crying again

 Mum cried when one of her friends was diagnosed with cancer, leukemia.  I wonder how her family feels. Today, another friend, my Doc's wife, was told she had liver cancer  Mum says it is a an extremely deadly disease.  She says she had a friend that who died 10 days after she found out.  Her friend, Diana, also now has diabetes.  She tested 400, which Mum says is a dangerous high.  She says she feels useless because she can't help them.  Some other friends have serious health issues too.

Crime Scene

Poppy bit Mum.  She had on heavy socks but his teeth cut in the skin anyway,  A few minutes later she noticed squishy blood spots all over the floor and carpet where she walked. Looked just like a CSI crime scene.


Hammond was very very ill on Wednesday.  Mum and Dad took him to Dr. Phil.  He was nearly dead and had a fever of 106.  Dr. Phil said that was extremely high.  He gave him shots of strong antibiotics, Prednisone, and Vitamin B-12, with sending him home amoxicillin.  The bill was only $34.00.  He said, "He better get well soon."  I thiink we all thought he'd be dead by Thursday morning.  Mum couldn't sleep and kept checking on him.  She decided to try to make him drink a little milk.  He drank a tablespoon.  Every hour she was able to get him to drink or nibble more until now when he is eating almost normally.  He will still get his meds. He doesn't look very well and appears to be depressed.  (Of course, we all are a little bit depressed.  The weather has been sunny and temps in high 40's.  So. we spend sometime outside.)  Today Mum found a lump or a mass in his lower abdomen.  He cries if she touches it.  I sppose it will have to be looked at.

Earmites!  I don't have them but Blackie, Bits, and Poppy do.  Little Cat did but Doc used this expensive treatment.  Mum is going to buy some for, at least, Blackie and Bits.  They have crinkled ears because of the vicious little bug. She walks around squirting sweet oil in ears.  Doc says sweet oil is good against mites....