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Monday, July 2, 2012

my birthday

Today is my 5th birthday.  Mum says I'm lucky to have survived this long, what with the tree, the roof, and now the attic.

The other night we had terrible storms.  These were part of the straight-line winds and thunderstorms that caused all the power outages in the east.  I got really scared and couldn't get home in time becaause I was exploring an abandoned house.  The neighbor had left the old garage door open, then he closed it and I was locked inside. The house was a mess with old furniture, wood, old doors lying around, and blocked-up windows, along with just plan trash, but what a place to explore.  I have been staying out side at night because it's been so warm.  But I always come in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to make sure Mum is there.  When I didn't come home for breakfast or lunch, Mum became frantic.  It was so hot--104 degrees. She took her little Loc8tor tracker gadget and walked the neighborhood.  When she was nearly bak home from being all over the place, the thing started beeping.  As she came closer to the old house, it was stronger until she knew I was in the house.  She went to get Dad.  He didn't believe her, but he tried all doors and was able to open the garage door enuf for Mom to crawl under.  She searched all over the downstairs.  She couldn't find me of course.  Dad was worried about her breaking the law and made her leave.  She called the police station to see if they knew who owned the trashy place.  Noone knew, but she persuaded the police to send someone down to help.  He came with a giant sized flashlight.  He opened the garage door and the went in.  The beeper was still going, but they couldn't  find me because I was so frightened I was hiding in a corner of thee attic.  Eventualy Dad climbed the set of stairs following the blinking beeping lights.  He couldn't see in the attic so the policeman shined his light and finally saw me crouched in the dark corner.  Mum came up and called me but I was frozen with and dehydrated from the heat, so the policeman moved the junk (old doors and boxes) and came in He scared me enuf that I ran out and got to my own garage.  Mum said I would have died if it weren't for the gadget and policeman.  They said I had heat stroke 'cause I began throwing up.

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  1. So glad you are okay, Birthday Girl. Do you know it's also Buffy's birthday, too?