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Monday, January 9, 2012


Hammond was very very ill on Wednesday.  Mum and Dad took him to Dr. Phil.  He was nearly dead and had a fever of 106.  Dr. Phil said that was extremely high.  He gave him shots of strong antibiotics, Prednisone, and Vitamin B-12, with sending him home amoxicillin.  The bill was only $34.00.  He said, "He better get well soon."  I thiink we all thought he'd be dead by Thursday morning.  Mum couldn't sleep and kept checking on him.  She decided to try to make him drink a little milk.  He drank a tablespoon.  Every hour she was able to get him to drink or nibble more until now when he is eating almost normally.  He will still get his meds. He doesn't look very well and appears to be depressed.  (Of course, we all are a little bit depressed.  The weather has been sunny and temps in high 40's.  So. we spend sometime outside.)  Today Mum found a lump or a mass in his lower abdomen.  He cries if she touches it.  I sppose it will have to be looked at.

Earmites!  I don't have them but Blackie, Bits, and Poppy do.  Little Cat did but Doc used this expensive treatment.  Mum is going to buy some for, at least, Blackie and Bits.  They have crinkled ears because of the vicious little bug. She walks around squirting sweet oil in ears.  Doc says sweet oil is good against mites....

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