In my new home.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The lizard escaped in the house.  Kid you not.  I brought in a lizard as long as my collar and that wide.  It went into a corner and dissapered (sp).  We looked for it,but it WAS missing.  Quite a mystery!!  This was 2 days ago. I can smell him under rug and the wood trim, so I sit on lizard wath.  I KNOW IT'S THERE.   Today I pulled up thr corner of the carpet and found a hole.  Mum was quite angry, but thinks she can fix it.  It's a new carpet.  I still can' catch that lizard.

I am doing better staying around the house


  1. What fun for you to catch that lizard, Abigail. And what fun to keep hunting him down around the house. If he is under the rug. I hope nobody steps on him ... Squish!!!

    1. I caught another one today, but Dad caught it in his hands and took it outside. He said to keep them outside or he'd rescue them.