In my new home.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mum says I HAVE to wear a collar.  She only likes some called "Beasties".  They are light and have a velcro clasp.  They're OK, but I look prettier without one,  She has to have  me tagged and licensed for town regs.  She can only have 5 cats, but we try to have 12 be in one place. But if we didn't they'd be dead. The regs require that that we must be under control.  She tells us every morning to not leave the yard.  HaHa!  I broke my collar but the woman who sells them was so nice to send me some more ASAP.

While in Texas at ny 50th high school reunion I got up on the neighbor's (he's a published author) garage roof.  Dad found me with the Loc8tor.  It took a day but I was so scared when the neighbor got on the roo that. I jumped the 18 foot .

Then I climbed up on the roof next door as I did before.  I WAS going to catch that squirle. Dad had to stack a bunch of things (a chair, a ladder and an old cat thingy for me to jump on for me to get down.) I really love being high.  I've been sleeping in Dad's top shelf in his closet because it's getting cold.


  1. Abigail you are such a stunning lady cat! I found your blog through the 'Here Kitty Kitty & Little Dog Too' Facebook page. My kitty Ms. Phoebe and I enjoyed reading about you and your adventures. Do you have a Facebook page or your Mum? Ms. Phoebe and I would love to be friends, she has a Facebook page. We would love you to visit and get to know you, your Mum can leave a message on Phoebe's page if you like. I would love to hear more about how your loc8tr works and where to get one. I'm glad you're sticking closer to home now that the weather is getting cold, I know you love your adventures but Mum must worry to death! Phoebe's brother Kaspars and you sound like you have a lot in common with your wandering souls! MOL!
    Headbonks and smooches to you and your big family. Purrs,
    Ms. Phoebe and her Mum Beth

    1. I am sooooo sorry I didn't get back with you for over a year. My best friend died a year ago in late January. I am only now able to get back to some of my activities. I have a FB page and would love to friend. Abi doesn't--just her blog which she is only just now getting back on. We must connect! I just found your post today and I hope you are following.