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Friday, March 21, 2014

March 17,2014

The weather has been quite nice the last few days. All of us have been outside off and on. Shaggy, being a Maine Coon, liked the snow. I guess it's because he has a super long coat and snow shoes. Mum says he won;t get his full size until he's 4 years old. His 6 inch whiskers and big paws means he'll have to grown a lot to get his body in proportion.

We are soooooooo worried about Hammond. He is just skin and bones (really). He has a pot belly and trouble walking.He eats constantly. He does not have worms. He tests neg for diabetes, HIV, anemia, and fel leuk. Dr Phil says he doesn't have cancer. He eats ALL the time. Doc says he has kidney infections and kidney disease. She gives him some special food but he eats any and every thing he wants. She gives him vitamins and antibiotics. He usually pees and poops on a special rug but also will go out in the garage to the cat box, or even outside when it's warm. The worst thing is he has seizures. The first one he had we all  thought he was choking. He wasn't crying out. Mum stuck her finger in his mouth. Mum was seriously bit to the finger bone. She then wrapped a towel over him. It stopped.

The next one was a few days later so Mum didn't put her finger in his mouth. He did scream out. She used a towel and it sopped. Then a few days later it happened again, but he was screaming. It didn't last long. The very worst was Tuesday. He screamed, ran out the cat door and kept convulsing and screaming. Many of us ran to see what was the matter. but we didn't get close. Mum tried the towel and the terror finally stopped. He's OK today.

Doc thinks it's connected to the kidney disease. Mum talked to someone last night who had a Corgi dog that was the same. The woman said the seizure doesn't have pain. It's involuntary. The seizure didn't kill her dog but the dog died of kidney failure.

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